☆★Industrial Air Door – Extra Power – (2) 3 HP Motors – 16′H x 7′W Door→★←

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Industrial Air Door – Extra Power – (2) 3 HP Motors – 16′H x 7′W Door

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Industrial Air Door - Extra Power - (2) 3 HP Motors - 16'H x 7'W Door


Installed above a large door, these industrial air doors, or ?air curtains’ will keep warm air inside and cold air outside. Air doors create a laminar air flow separating two different air zones. – - The industrial models are well suited for warehouses and factories where doors are continually left open. Cover doors up to 16′ tall and 12′ in width using the extra power unit. These models are among the most powerful in the industry. This product ships absolutely free to the continental United States. Door size Listed In description Is largest door opening covered by air door. Voltage and phase must be specified upon ordering, electrical specifications available by calling. – - Recommended options: – Mounting brackets – Motor control (for allRead More!

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Industrial Air Door – Extra Power – (2) 3 HP Motors – 16′H x 7′W Door

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ScienceCasts: Mars Landing Sky Show

ScienceCasts: Mars Landing Sky Show

NASA Portal for Mars: www.nasa.gov Visit science.nasa.gov for more. On the same night Curiosity lands on Mars, a “Martian Triangle” will appear in sunset skies of Earth. The first-magnitude apparition on August 5th gives space fans something to do while they wait for news from the Red Planet.

Question by gamemaster_47: How can i get the air density in other planets?
Is there some kind of list where the planets are listed along with their air densities? Idk if it is possible to compute it but if it is i really need to find out.

Best answer:

Answer by Skyhiker22
Atmospheric pressures on various planets and satellites varies according to a number of variables. Those variables can be:

> Mass and gravity of the body
> Chemical composition of the atmosphere
> Water vapor content of the atmosphere
> Thermal energy of the atmopshere
> Thermal energy radidted from internal heat sources
> Thermal energy received from the Sun

These and other factors can affect the pressure at the surface of a body, assuming there is a solid surface. In gas giants like Jupiter there is no solid surface to measure at. The atmospheric pressure gradually increases with depth until it becomes a liquids.

On some bodies atmospheric gases such as carbon dioxide or methane go through cyclic changes between freezing out of the atmosphere to become a solid and then sublimating back into a gas. During the cycle the atmospheric pressure can change. Mars and Titan are examples of this process.

Bodies such as Mercury or the Moon have very tenuous atmosphere that are composed mostly of molecules temporarily captured from the solar wind.

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